Mad Max Fury Road: The explosive movie

I have seen many action movies, but none like the recent release Mad max:fury Road. All the scenes showing explosion are immaculate and for an explosion lover like me it is a treat. I am looking forward to buying the DVD as a part of collection. The chasing cars with blowing nitro are awesome. Then the explosions and flying of vehicles. Guys it really increases my Adrenalin flow. Just watch this site – for more videos on explosion. They are awesome.

The flaring Guitar

Tom Hardy as Max is great. He twists, turns and simply thrills in every scene. It is the future where water is scarce and bombs  are plenty and the lecher warlord Joe having young wives. It looks real the way our world is hurtling towards apocalypse with hatred everywhere. Then there is Charlize Theron. She makes every scene her own and sometimes overshadows the hero as well. The powerful heroine of the movie also has some explosive scenes in the movie. Then there is the burning Guitar which is in fact real. It is not all graphics. You will see in the video above that actual explosions were done during the chase sequence. The video shows how awesome the explosions look even without the special effects. The flames the explosion and the wives of Joe, the story all revolves around a chase. The chase in itself is a visual spectacle and the desert landscape adds value to it. So, folks go watch this awesome movie if you have not watched it. It is coming on DVD also soon. Enjoy the explosions!

3 Famous Explosion in Wars

War is never good, and leads to millions of deaths. 20 percent of world population is rumored to die in World War II. However with war comes bombs and my favorite explosions. There are many instances of explosion in famous wars. Here are top 3 listing of explosion.

Hiroshima – Nagasaki Explosion of the Atomic Bomb 

Hiroshima Atomic Explosion

The air strike on Hiroshima was the most famous explosion in wars, and many picture were taken from air. The result was catastrophic. Almost all the population was wiped off. Who survived were worse off, as the ill effects of nuclear radiation affected their coming generations. It was not beautiful but the plumes of dust rising up was enormous as per the picture above.

The explosion of Daisy Cutter Bomb during Gulf War

Explosion from daisy Cutter

The most deadly bomb after the Atomic bomb. The daisy cutter bomb annihilates everything within 1 cubic kilometer. There was only one instance of the bomb being dropped. Such was the fear that the forces of Saddam Hussein surrendered just after. The picture above is the famous picture of the explosion. The three camels in the picture miraculously escaped the explosion. It is true that god saves the innocent.

Battle of Messiness Explosion of mines, 1917

Mines explosion in Battle of Messinnes

The most successful operation of allied forces during the first World War saw the famous mine explosion which blew up 19 underground German mines. The explosion paved way for General Plumes to lead an assault leading to the victory of allied forces. The explosion was the largest explosion at that time as the 19 mines exploded together.The explosion was so huge that it formed a ridge in the ground. Photo of the ridge is only available.

Beauty of Explosion

I have inherited my love of watching things blow up, fall and down go boom from my grand father. As a child I spent many an hour watching old black and white films with him, “Dambusters”, “Bridge To Far” just 2 of the ones I remember, I have watched them all many times. He would have love today’s technology, I swear he would have fast forwarded to the explosions every time.

I am from the North of the UK and up here we had a famous man called Fred Dibnah, he was a steeplejack by trade repairing old mill chimneys, but did on occasion demolished them. Granddad had a drink with him once – his claim to fame, and watched every single TV show he was on. Yep he was on TV and very popular he was. See;

Beauty of Explosions

Beauty of Explosions


So my strange hobby started quite young and I like to think this site is an indulgence to my hobby and a tribute to the memory of a lovely man who was so influential in my life and gave me such a wonderful childhood. I have many treasured memories, one in particular in my mind as I write. We spent weeks making a rocket. We went up onto the waste land behind one of the factories and set it all up. Granddad lit the fuel, came back to me and we waited, with a fizzle and a pop it just slowly keeled over and fell to bits. We just looked at each other and then he started to laugh, oh we laughed that day until my stomach hurt.


Movie Explosions

If like me you enjoy a good explosion in  a movie then you might enjoy these clips on a You Tube video of Michael Bay’s Explosions. Michael Bay the producer to thank for box office hits such as, The Rock, Armageddon and the Transformer series has brought us some terrific explosions over the years, I thoroughly enjoyed Transformers Age of Distinction and I particularly like the cover on the Blu ray version that I bought the other week.

Cover for Transformers Age of Extinction Blu ray DVD


You tube came up with this video on how to produce an action movie explosions, which I found interesting although I have no intention of replicating it..I like my explosions on film or at a distance. I would never enjoy work as a stunt man.

This video makes a explosion simulator,  not enough explosion for me! What do you think? This article is an old one but the films it mentions for the explosions is still accurate – what would you add to the list?

Without flogging a dead horse I think it is worth mentioning once again the danger of explosions, while I see beauty in some, I am in no way unaware of how dangerous that beauty can be. The noise, the sight, the sound of an explosion gets the adrenaline going but for me most I see is on the TV or films, I don’t want to replicate them in real life or downplay the danger.  Safety is essential if you are trying to create your own explosion but I really would not advise it there is so much available online these days you don’t have to. So stay safe and enjoy the watching.

Volcanic Eruptions

Eruption of Pu"u Kilauea Volcano hawaii erupted in 1983 and lava still flowing

Explosions are fraught with danger; they can damage property, people and nature. They can also be splendid, magnificent and majestic. The explosions I am considering here are those caused by volcanic eruptions. These explosions are nature’s way of reminding us that the earth is every changing, that primordial forces are still at work shaping our world. Throughout history we have heard stories of volcanic eruptions, films and books are written about the eruptions, Krakatoa, East of Java was one film I remember from my childhood. That eruption took place in 1883 and had widespread repercussions around the world. The four explosions were so loud they were heard over 3,000 miles away, hard to imagine isn’t it.
There has been plenty of recent volcanic activity throughout the world:

On the 26th January Mexico’s Colima Volcano erupted with huge ash plumes endangering life and the surrounding countryside.
The Pico do Fogo volcano in Cape Verde also erupted last year in November with again devastating results. This eruption larger than the previous one in 1995 caused the evacuation of islanders from their homes.
Hawaii has volcanoes that are constantly active producing dangerous lava flows that threaten housing and roads.

Hawaii Volcano National Park, every year a photographer gets killed trying to get the perfect shot!

Hawaii Volcano National Park

The volcanic explosion in Iceland seriously affected our aviation traffic for a while, as well as disrupting people’s lives.
Like many things on earth volcanoes are beautiful and dangerous, we study them and hope to be aware of future eruptions but nature has a way of surprising us.

If you are interested this video shows ten of the most active volcanoes on earth at the moment.

Volcanoes national park Hawaii constant activity from live volcanos

Volcanoes national park Hawaii

My Exploding Christmas

mango 3

Hi folks I hope you have all had a great Christmas. I certainly have, I think this month’s big explosion could be me after all I have eaten!  Well my nephew enjoyed his present and his mum and dad are still speaking to me so all is well there. My first video I’m afraid I could not resist, I hope you find it amusing.

Dr who 2014 Christmas special featuring Santa

My second video is an explosive entrance for Santa from BBC’s Dr Who on Christmas day. I just thought it was a really good entrance and for me Dr Who Christmas Special is becoming a tradition, as is watching one or all of the Star Wars Movies  if I can get away with it, by the way only watched one – wife put her foot down!!

What are your Christmas movies with explosions, top of my list is the run of Die Hard Movies, followed by the Lethal Weapon films, this list sort of  agrees with me although after No 2 I don’t really go with any of theirs.

Ingredients for a hamd made cork rocket

Last but not least I am leaving you with a website for making a Cork Rocket, all the instructions are there but as always; kids don’t do this without supervision and grown ups …make sure you know what you are doing and how to do it safely.

Christmas and exploding golf balls

Firework display big and beautifulexplosions

Explosion magic – Fireworks


Christmas time is nearly here and time to sort my presents out. My nephew has asked for tricks for Christmas so as part of his present I have bought him a couple of exploding golf balls. I expect he will get up to some mischief with them as his dad and older brother play, not going to wrap them up but will give him on the sly Christmas day. The wife has a present  for him to open but he knows I always get him something a little special. I think he is the one going to take after me. You should have seen his face at the firework display early this month. He was in raptures, mind you so I was I. I love firework displays and they just get better and better. In summer I went to an outdoor classical concert. The music was fine but it was the finale I had gone for, the  fireworks going off in synchronisation with the music, brought chills up and down my spine, but the best had to be the fireworks New Years Eve in London, see what you think.

Now I have included 2 videos of the exploding golf balls, one showing how funny it can be and the other when its maybe not as funny to play a trick.


The Big bang theory & Watermelons

Some people same our universe came into being via a Explosions – The Big Bang Theory – no not the serial, although must admit it is one of my favourites. This is the ultimate Explosion unfortunately we can only imagine what it was like but there are numerous speculations and simulations on what it would look like. I like this one;


and here is one speculating how the end of our universe will come about…not in my lifetime though.

If you enjoyed these do some searches on Stars going Nova…some really big BANGS.

Now for some lighter stuff that just plain amused me so I thought I would share….
what is it about exploding watermelons that fascinates us???

and again…

Still funny 2nd time around Do you know how many folk actually have to try it out for themselves and then are shocked by the result???


Defined on wikipedia as the ‘ pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others’. yep so our giggles as your mate falls over his own feet has a name, not one many could pronounce but a name all the same. In the Broadway hit Avenue Q there is a song about schadenfreude, take a look at this video ( some language)

There are many theories of humour, Schadenfreude is to be found in the Superiority Theory, wikipedia says this is :……the general idea is that a person laughs about misfortunes of others (so called schadenfreude), because these misfortunes assert the person’s superiority on the background of shortcomings of others. Socrates was reported by Plato as saying that the ridiculous was characterized by a display of self-ignorance. For Aristotle we laugh at inferior or ugly individuals, because we feel a joy at feeling superior to them.” So for all you with Schadenfreude heres a few videos to keep you entertained.


That was a recipe for disaster from the start.

Why are more of these about men than women??? Answers on a postcard please!!! Not sure I find the animals as amusing as the people ones but I guess its how your humour has evolved is entirely personal. Heres a few more that I hope will make you smile.

Some big Explosions…

What’s that saying? Oh yes , the bigger they are the harder they fall.. here are some falling hard… Just to let you know the first piece of music is from one of my childhood films Dambusters. Bit more info on it here; but please can someone tell me why they have to put such dreadful music on these videos???

Amazing stadium demolitions

This one is China is amazing, the sheer length of it and the amount of planning that would have gone into it takes my breath away.

and of course a major demolition…The Death Star from the First Star Wars Trilogy

I am an unashamed Star Wars Fan…… :)