3 Famous Explosion in Wars

War is never good, and leads to millions of deaths. 20 percent of world population is rumored to die in World War II. However with war comes bombs and my favorite explosions. There are many instances of explosion in famous wars. Here are top 3 listing of explosion.

Hiroshima – Nagasaki Explosion of the Atomic BombĀ 

Hiroshima Atomic Explosion

The air strike on Hiroshima was the most famous explosion in wars, and many picture were taken from air. The result was catastrophic. Almost all the population was wiped off. Who survived were worse off, as the ill effects of nuclear radiation affected their coming generations. It was not beautiful but the plumes of dust rising up was enormous as per the picture above.

The explosion of Daisy Cutter Bomb during Gulf War

Explosion from daisy Cutter

The most deadly bomb after the Atomic bomb. The daisy cutter bomb annihilates everything within 1 cubic kilometer. There was only one instance of the bomb being dropped. Such was the fear that the forces of Saddam Hussein surrendered just after. The picture above is the famous picture of the explosion. The three camels in the picture miraculously escaped the explosion. It is true that god saves the innocent.

Battle of Messiness Explosion of mines, 1917

Mines explosion in Battle of Messinnes

The most successful operation of allied forces during the first World War saw the famous mine explosion which blew up 19 underground German mines. The explosion paved way for General Plumes to lead an assault leading to the victory of allied forces. The explosion was the largest explosion at that time as the 19 mines exploded together.The explosion was so huge that it formed a ridge in the ground. Photo of the ridge is only available.

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