Can There Be Explosions in Space – Supernovas

Can there be explosions in space? In movies, such as Star Wars, you see exploding spaceships that get destroyed during epic battles. There’s fire and smoke. But is it possible, since space is said to be a vacuum? Some say, that without oxygen you can not sustain an explosion or any other combustive reaction. But others argue that you might be able to create an explosion if you have an oxidizer. So can there be explosions in space? Yes, at least in the form of stars that explode. It is called a supernova, which is a stage of a massive star’s life. The word Nova is Latin and means ‘new’. The word is meant to describe the birth of a temporary bright star, and yet Supernovas leave behind black holes. The collapse of a star’s core will cause a violent expulsion of the stars outer layers, which in turn gives birth to a supernova. A black hole is born when the star can’t resist its own gravity, and it hasn’t got enough “fuel” to maintain it’s temperature, or when the star is receiving too much of extra matter so the core can’t keep up with raising its temperature. In the end, in both scenarios, the temperature isn’t high enough to prevent the stars impending doom, and it collapses under its own weight.

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