Christmas and exploding golf balls

Firework display big and beautifulexplosions
Explosion magic – Fireworks


Christmas time is nearly here and time to sort my presents out. My nephew has asked for tricks for Christmas so as part of his present I have bought him a couple of exploding golf balls. I expect he will get up to some mischief with them as his dad and older brother play, not going to wrap them up but will give him on the sly Christmas day. The wife has a present  for him to open but he knows I always get him something a little special. I think he is the one going to take after me. You should have seen his face at the firework display early this month. He was in raptures, mind you so I was I. I love firework displays and they just get better and better. In summer I went to an outdoor classical concert. The music was fine but it was the finale I had gone for, the  fireworks going off in synchronisation with the music, brought chills up and down my spine, but the best had to be the fireworks New Years Eve in London, see what you think.

Now I have included 2 videos of the exploding golf balls, one showing how funny it can be and the other when its maybe not as funny to play a trick.


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  1. Oct13 Stephanie ParkerI love all your creative ideas. Thanks so much for sanrihg with the world. I work in a Family Literacy Centre in Whitehorse, Yukon and we’ve been using some of your ideas and colouring sheets. Thanks Joel! Stephanie at the Yukon Family Literacy CentreReply

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