Exploding Kittens – Its an App!

I am taking a break from fireworks this post and wanted to introduce you to Exploding Kittens. Which for those squeamish amongst you, is a game. It is a card game, in fact, with kitten explosions, goats and laser beams. It first caught my attention last year when I saw it on Kickstarter. It caught my eye because it said exploding – as you would expect. After it was put up on Kickstarter, it broke numerous records and became the #1 funded game in their history, which is pretty impressive. It became available on mobiles in January, but I am not overly impressed with this as it has to be played locally and needs Bluetooth; it also – despite advertising – is not a free In-App purchase for mobile. There is also an adult version – Exploding Kittens NSFW (Not Safe for Work) – which I have ordered from Amazon. I thought it might be a laugh to play when we go away caravanning with friends. I am thinking of actually looking at explosions that happen in online games for my next post. Any suggestions for good ones?

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