Fireworks around the world – Japan

Fabulous picture of Lava flowing inot the sea
My favourite from a Pinterest Board

We talked about explosions in war last time and I wanted to ‘up’ the mood so to speak . To do that I decided this post would look at some of the beauty in explosions. I found this wonderful board on Pinterest by Natalia Heckerman called Explode, the pictures are awesome. the colour, the depth, really worth looking at.

Festivals of Fireworks are held all over Japan in Summer

Another area of explosions that are beautiful are fireworks and no I am not talking about the ones in the back garden ( although mine are spectacular) but the big magnificent displays that can be seen from around the world.

Japan has firework festivals all summer long. Some of them are ongoing for 6 months! A lot of the festivals are very competitive and the longest running one ( 280yrs) Sumida River Fireworks Festival is normally held in July, dependent on weather. The festival can have upwards of a million people and set off from two locations the pyrotechnics are amazing.

38th Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2015 - uses two locations for the displays
38th Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2015

Has anyone been to Japan and see these? I would love to  – something for my bucket list.

I thought some of you might be interested in the chemistry/science behind fireworks and the Sumida Festival webpage explains it far better than I can – give it a read really interesting.

As I can’t afford to go to japan the next best thing is YouTube and I found this one of a 900 millimetre shell being exploded..fantastic. I also found this one on firework fails, reminds us all fireworks can be dangerous and care needs to be taken.

Reminder that fireworks are beautiful but also dangerous.


With November 5th coming up, what are your thoughts on the sale of fireworks to the public? Should only certificated organisers be allowed to buy or is it enough putting an age limit on their purchase? Tell me what you think?

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