Fireworks Around the World – Brazil

Afro-Brazilian men on stilts dance in front of fireworks during the annual block party known as the "Afro Ilu Oba De Min" in Sao Paulo.
“Afro Ilu Oba De Min” in Sao Paulo. Men on stilts dancing

Whenever one thinks of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil the carnival comes to mind. Huge, noisy, colourful and exciting.I have never been but am quite addicted to videos and documentaries about them. Some of the fireworks I have seen are tremendous so I thought just prior to the 2016 festival I would share some of the past firework displays and then we can see if this years match up. i have never been but I have friends who love over there for about 7 months of the year and maybe one day I will get to go.


Fireworks to celebrate New Year 2016 in Brazil
New Year’s Eve 2016 Copacabana Beach


Just south of rio De Janeiro you will find the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, a seawater lagoon where the water comes via a canal.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, A firework display marks the inauguration of an 85-meter-high floating Christmas tree at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon.
The inauguration of an 85ft floating tree in Brazil

The full display of New Year’s eve 2016 in Rio De Janerio – fantastic

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Now this video is not Rio but I really wanted to share it and I found it while searching out Rio videos so… daylight fireworks I have never seen them before…anyone else have?

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Final video NOT RECOMMENDED to try at home

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