Fireworks to Music: the British Musical Fireworks Championship

Setting fireworks to music can provide a fantastic multisensory experience. Every year firework lovers and experts in the UK gather in Southport for the annual British Musical Fireworks Championship. This awesome three-day competition highlights the UK’s best pyrotechnic talents in a series of 15-20 minute firework shows that are timed and choreographed to music. The music selected by the competitors is usually contemporary music that the audience knows and can dance to while enjoying the amazing display as the sky lights up with all kinds of colourful shapes.

The competitors are in to win just lik on a scratch ticket lottery, so you can expect a breathtaking barrage of original and innovative shows using the latest technologies and techniques. In the past the show was held at the beautiful Marine Lake, but it has since moved to the more spacious Victoria Park. The event is very popular, so tickets should be bought as early as possible. But even if you miss the real event, something of the splendour and artistry of the firework shows can be glimpsed in Youtube videos. There are also musical fireworks competitions hosted by MLE Pyrotechnics in a number of locations across the UK. Similar competitions exist around the globe. Setting fireworks to music properly brings out the best of both music and fireworks and makes for truly explosive entertainment, so if you haven’t been to one of these shows yet they are definitely worth checking out!

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