How do they do it? Quarry explosions

How do they make the quarry explosions? Miners sometimes use explosives to blast away material and access the rock they desire. The whole process starts with a three-dimensional survey of the given quarry, which allows the engineer to create the design of the blast and to plan where the holes should be drilled in order to carry out the process safely and efficiently. For the first time, explosives were used in mining in 1627 when gunpowder was first used instead of mechanical tools. Nowadays a number of holes are drilled into the rock and filled with explosives. Unfortunately, detonating an explosive could cause the rock to collapse. Therefore, the quarry explosions need to be professionally and carefully planned to make sure that the fragmentation of the rock, that is required is achieved with minimal environmental impact and with all necessary safety precautions. But what exactly is a quarry? It is very similar to a pit mine from where minerals are extracted. The Black Mountain quarry can supply with natural building stone for construction. They produce a wide variety of other stone products.

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