Movie Explosions

If like me you enjoy a good explosion in  a movie then you might enjoy these clips on a You Tube video of Michael Bay’s Explosions. Michael Bay the producer to thank for box office hits such as, The Rock, Armageddon and the Transformer series has brought us some terrific explosions over the years, I thoroughly enjoyed Transformers Age of Distinction and I particularly like the cover on the Blu ray version that I bought the other week.

Cover for Transformers Age of Extinction Blu ray DVD


You tube came up with this video on how to produce an action movie explosions, which I found interesting although I have no intention of replicating it..I like my explosions on film or at a distance. I would never enjoy work as a stunt man.

This video makes a explosion simulator,  not enough explosion for me! What do you think? This article is an old one but the films it mentions for the explosions is still accurate – what would you add to the list?

Without flogging a dead horse I think it is worth mentioning once again the danger of explosions, while I see beauty in some, I am in no way unaware of how dangerous that beauty can be. The noise, the sight, the sound of an explosion gets the adrenaline going but for me most I see is on the TV or films, I don’t want to replicate them in real life or downplay the danger.  Safety is essential if you are trying to create your own explosion but I really would not advise it there is so much available online these days you don’t have to. So stay safe and enjoy the watching.

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