My Exploding Christmas

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Hi folks I hope you have all had a great Christmas. I certainly have, I think this month’s big explosion could be me after all I have eaten!  Well my nephew enjoyed his present and his mum and dad are still speaking to me so all is well there. My first video I’m afraid I could not resist, I hope you find it amusing.

Dr who 2014 Christmas special featuring Santa

My second video is an explosive entrance for Santa from BBC’s Dr Who on Christmas day. I just thought it was a really good entrance and for me Dr Who Christmas Special is becoming a tradition, as is watching one or all of the Star Wars Movies  if I can get away with it, by the way only watched one – wife put her foot down!!

What are your Christmas movies with explosions, top of my list is the run of Die Hard Movies, followed by the Lethal Weapon films, this list sort of  agrees with me although after No 2 I don’t really go with any of theirs.

Ingredients for a hamd made cork rocket

Last but not least I am leaving you with a website for making a Cork Rocket, all the instructions are there but as always; kids don’t do this without supervision and grown ups …make sure you know what you are doing and how to do it safely.

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