Really nice explosions with household items

Fancy a small hand-made explosion? Learn the art of making a smoke bomb out of creative household items! You need only three ingredients to enjoy explosions with household items in your backyard: potassium nitrate (from a first aid cold pack), aluminium foil and some granulated white sugar. Start with lining any container, i.e. a votive candle holder or a small bowl, with the tin foil. It will work as a mould for your smoke bomb. Then melt three parts of potassium nitrate and two parts of sugar in a pot over low heat, frequently stirring with a wooden spoon. Let the sugar caramelise and turn golden brown. Pour the mixture into the mould. Now it’s time to place a waxed string if you want the bomb to have a wick. Be careful, it’s scorching! Leave it for few hours to harden. Take it out from the mould and place on the ground, preferably in some remote outdoor settings. Light the wick or the bomb directly; it should start smoking immediately! Keep your explosions with household items safe – remember always to be cautious and make sure no one is around before you light the bomb.

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