Defined on wikipedia as the ‘ pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others’. yep so our giggles as your mate falls over his own feet has a name, not one many could pronounce but a name all the same. In the Broadway hit Avenue Q there is a song about schadenfreude, take a look at this video ( some language)

There are many theories of humour, Schadenfreude is to be found in the Superiority Theory, wikipedia says this is :……the general idea is that a person laughs about misfortunes of others (so called schadenfreude), because these misfortunes assert the person’s superiority on the background of shortcomings of others. Socrates was reported by Plato as saying that the ridiculous was characterized by a display of self-ignorance. For Aristotle we laugh at inferior or ugly individuals, because we feel a joy at feeling superior to them.” So for all you with Schadenfreude heres a few videos to keep you entertained.


That was a recipe for disaster from the start.

Why are more of these about men than women??? Answers on a postcard please!!! Not sure I find the animals as amusing as the people ones but I guess its how your humour has evolved is entirely personal. Heres a few more that I hope will make you smile.

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