Theres a little bit of history here..


Granddad was a Sapper or Combat engineer, for more info on them see; in the army. War was over when he was conscripted but he still trained as a combat engineer and knew among other things, bomb disposal and land mine clearance. His background gave him a huge respect for the regulars who do this work, especially in some of the war zones of today. He was a great admirer of Princess Diana’s work in this field. He knew the dangers of what he was doing and always emphasised,” 3 rules – safety, safety & safety.

As a child I loved that game Jenga, the best bit was when they all fell down. I still find watching things fall down exciting. This video is of a chimney falling down and how they did it. Listening to the comments at the end, shows I am not alone in finding these events exciting This video is to show you the work that went on to demolish it and to share a piece of history that is now gone.. In doing this site I have discovered I am writing about memories and history of the area I lived in which has come as bit of a surprise to me. Our history is in written in these building and maybe now and again I will continue to share similar stories– maybe you have some to share with us as well? Please remember: Safety, Safety, Safety.

Some of you will take this onboard, others will ignore but for my own peace of mind and granddads warnings I want to have this here. Please be careful in any experiments to make things go boom, make sure you know what you are doing. If you don’t – don’t do it

Heres a couple more BIG Explosions:

From a different angle:

This one is just fantastic..

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