Why I Love things that go BOOM!

People often blame others for the idiosyncrasies, well I actually can; my grandfather. I have inherited my love of watching things blow up, fall and down go boom from him!! As a child I spent many an hour watching old black and white films with him, “Dambusters”, “Bridge To Far” just 2 of the ones I remember, I have watched them all many times. He would have love today’s technology, I swear he would have fast forwarded to the explosions every time.

I am from the North of the UK and up here we had a famous man called Fred Dibnah, he was a steeplejack by trade repairing old mill chimneys, but did on occasion demolished them. Granddad had a drink with him once – his claim to fame, and watched every single TV show he was on. Yep he was on TV and very popular he was. See;

So my strange hobby started quite young and I like to think this site is an indulgence to my hobby and a tribute to the memory of a lovely man who was so influential in my life and gave me such a wonderful childhood. I have many treasured memories, one in particular in my mind as I write. We spent weeks making a rocket. We went up onto the waste land behind one of the factories and set it all up. Granddad lit the fuel,came back to me and we waited, with a fizzle and a pop it just slowly keeled over and fell to bits. We just looked at each other and then he started to laugh, oh we laughed that day until my stomach hurt.
I want to share with you on this site some of the interesting and funny things that go boom or collapse, but please in everything I share remember: DO NOT DO TRY TO COPY.
To finish off here is another Fred Dibnah demolition:

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